Friday, August 2, 2013

The Benefits Doll Houses Give to Young Children

Believe it or not, toys are still a big thing in today’s generation, contrary to what most people believe. With the rise of electronic devices like smart phones, tablets, handheld gaming consoles and other digital electronics, you might probably believe that kids nowadays prefer electronics than traditional toys which will probably be a dead business in the near future. However, toy companies are still thriving despite the competition and challenges posed by the consumer electronics market. One past time includes playing with actions figures created in the image of superheroes (for the boys) and dolls like Barbie (for the girls). However, one toy that would actually catch major attention would be a doll house, whose industry is still thriving. The toy is inherently popular to girls and is a good collector’s item. A doll house may not only entertain your child for hours, but it can also teach them a lot of life lessons and interpersonal skills.
Benefits Doll Houses

Role playing promotes interpersonal skills

Role playing is when children start to use their imagination and taking up roles during play time, especially if two or more children are playing together. A child may use dolls to play different roles like being a mother, father, a child and friends. Having dolls depict real-life roles will definitely give the child confidence in facing and talking to other people, especially children in his/her age group. It will also make them relive, create and reenact dialogues, making it an effective tool in practicing possible real-life conversations with other people.


Doll houses often have miniature furniture inside them making it a tool that will ultimately shape up a child’s creative capacities and abilities and imagination. Having a doll house means having a letting your child design its interior, making him or her labor to figure out where to put the furniture and letting them create various scenarios. This will give the child the ability to learn on their own. Also, conversations from role playing might make them learn a few words and teach them a thing or two on how to use them. It not only promotes an active imagination, but also an active vocabulary. Also, doll houses have various architectural and interior designs, exposing your child to great pieces of art.

promotes interpersonal skills

Life Lessons

As a parent, you may be able to give time to play with your child, that way; it will be able to give you and him or her quality bonding time and the opportunity for you to teach a thing or two about life. Boys may be able to play with the doll house (no matter how wrong that sounds) and can play the role of being a son or a brother. You may be able to teach the values of respect, obedience and love in an indirect and playful manner. Remember, the most effective methods of teaching toddlers are by singing or by playing. Also, as a parent, you must not only provide them with the toy, but also by devoting a little of your time into playing with them.  Having a doll house is definitely better than having to buy an electronic device.