Friday, August 30, 2013

Organizing a Dollhouse Collection

Now that we’ve learn to determine your dollhouse’s space and scale, let us move forward on the steps to build and organize your collection. Maintaining, organizing and arranging these miniatures are no easy task if you do not have the patience, creativity, and perseverance of a collector. In this entry, we would like to share easy and practical ways to map out scenes using the items that you already acquired within your collection.

If you already have the decided on your focus at the planning process of your dollhouse collection, now creating a concise arrangement plan has to follow. Let your creativity and resourcefulness shine this time. Different dollhouse displays can showcase interesting scenes to unify every piece in your collection. Below are tips to help you through the tricky process.

Choose a Display

There are three ways you can display your miniature collection; through (1) shadow box, (2) dollhouse, (3) showcase.

  • Shadow Box

Shadow Box

Collectors use display boxes for an organized space with less clutter. One way is to affix the box into the wall. This is a very space-saving organization style perfect for collectors who are just starting up.

  • Dollhouse

Since we are talking about a dollhouse collection here, using the dollhouse as a display means encasing those miniatures inside the dollhouse as a depiction of the real-life interior of a home. Dollhouses are available in kits that you can assemble at your own time.
  • Showcase


When your dollhouse collection has grown enormously in number, a showcase is the best way to display them. You can invite people to see your collection as you please.

Be Particular of the Details

Doll House Details

Like designing an interior of a real-life house or building, you have to be very particular of the details that comprise your collection. Try to look for interior design ideas online. Whether you like to highlight something vintage or you prefer your dollhouses to sport a contemporary style, the choice is all up to you.

Detailing is very important process to create a beautiful display. Write down the details that you want to apply. The more intricate your arrangement is, the better your dollhouse display will look like.

Setup the Lighting

Doll House Lighting

To improve the beauty of your dollhouse collection, setting up lighting can make a very big difference. In a regular home, lighting is used to set up the atmosphere of the space. There is no difference when it comes to a dollhouse collection, the way to put lights whether it is colored or natural can exude an atmosphere that will add up on the miniature house’s character.

Setting up lighting on the other hand can be a bit tricky. This is something that only the experts and knowledgeable in connecting electrical wires can do. Never ever try to set up lighting your collection if you do not have any idea in doing this. For safety purposes, learn it properly or let somebody knowledgeable assist you.


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