Monday, August 12, 2013

How to Start Your Own Dollhouse Collection?

Barbie is a little girl’s best friend, and she should have a house of her own to showcase her fashionable lifestyle. However, dollhouses today are not merely child’s plaything; they are also created to complete collections and preserved in museums to depict architecture of the past centuries.

Dollhouse collections and miniatures are becoming popular these days. People who have interest in dolls are also encouraged to start collecting miniatures of all kinds to create a dream village of their own. With numerous choices of miniature collectibles, deciding to start a dollhouse collection can be a real challenge especially that a collector has to choose over a very diverse selection of materials, prices, types, models, and make.

If you are planning to start your own dollhouse collection, narrowing your choices to miniatures that interest you the most is the best way to start. With a focus, vision, and a goal, you will find it more enjoyable to build a collection that will have a good chance of gaining public interest than being kept in antique drawers.

Here are startup steps in building your own dollhouse collection:

Decide on Your Focus

For a well-planned collection, it is very important to decide on the things that interest you the most. What is the purpose of your collection? What should it look like?

purpose of your collection 

Showcase of History: In the previous entry, we discussed the history of dollhouses and its significance in the earlier societies. The styles of dollhouses also evolved as men reached the golden age. If then, dollhouses are intricate decorative pieces to prove good taste of the early aristocrats, today, modern styles and materials became widely available for the people from all walks of life.

Collecting antique dollhouses is a great way to showcase the creativity of the past. On the other-hand, antique dollhouses are rare, pricey, and difficult to find. Collecting them is like hunting for a very rewarding treasure.

Collector’s Interest

The Collector’s Interest: Collecting dollhouses like can also be limited in particular interests. For example, you are a fan of the Victorian era and wanted to keep miniature things that can be associated in its time frame; you can always own different styles of Victorian dollhouses, along with Victorian-dressed dolls and ornate miniature furniture. Collecting according to your own specific interest is the best way to narrow your choices. If you are a fan of contemporary style, you can also collect dollhouses styled in modern architecture or a wooden dollhouse according to your own preference.

dollhouses are popular

Creating a Story: Since dollhouses are popular toy for role-playing games, you can complete a collection and arrange them like a real-life or fictional situation. Shops, furniture, buildings like hospitals, fire stations, public libraries, train sets, etc., are available in miniatures so you can even create a scenario that tells a story. In collecting dollhouse and miniatures, you can create a fairyland or a dream city of your own.

One good thing about collecting miniatures is that it allows us to use our imaginations and fulfill even our wildest dreams by crafting, keeping, and organizing them—something that we can also do in real life.


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