Friday, July 26, 2013

Popular Architectural Styles of Dollhouses

If dollhouses start to interest you and you wanted to build your own collection, the rush of excitement for venturing into a new experience brings about feelings that you can barely contain. Collecting these beautiful miniatures is really fun, not to mention that it is a worthwhile hobby that not only you can benefit. A dollhouse is one of those things that increases value over time, and having your own collection can be your legacy to the future.

When starting your own dollhouse collection, you should have an idea on the designs that you would like to collect. There are different architectural styles that dollhouses are made, but the classic designs are the most popular for the collectors. Whether you will collect only a particular style or you want a village of different houses in different sizes and shapes. There are designs (Colonial, Saltbox, Cape Code, Tudor, Victorian, Georgian, Federal, Greek Revival, Gothic Revival, Italianate, Mansard, Queen Anne and Carpenter Gothic) known to experienced and avid collectors, but let us discuss only three at first that you can choose to be the first in your collection.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Dollhouse Collecting: A Fun and Meaningful Hobby

Dollhouse Collecting
There is a vast and varied world of collectibles. People since then would be interested in accumulating almost anything to build a collection of bottle caps, figurines, and many more, including dollhouses. The collector’s world is quite organized and categorized, just like their collections that upon seeing you can identify what kind of thing have caught their fancy with.

Dollhouses are one of those popular collectibles that is truly very interesting to venture with. Dollhouses, together with dolls and other miniature artifacts are very valuable for collectors because these items have been once owned by the rich and powerful for the previous societies. If you think that dollhouses are merely the toy house of Barbie and Ken, you can ask Google to give you a bit of clarification. These miniature houses can be dated back 5000 years ago as wooden models made by Egyptians, but the recently recorded that rose into abuzz are those “baby houses” that originated in Germany in the 16th century. Collectors acquire dollhouse of different styles and sizes according to the era of their interest. Tudor dollhouses and pieces from the Victorian era are known to be the most popular among collectors.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Brief History and Significance of Dollhouses

Cottage Style Dollhouse
Nowadays, many of us consider dollhouses as mere child’s play thing. However, a brief research of the origin of these miniature houses reveals a far better interesting background than one can ever imagine. Dollhouses were not conceptualized as a toy dated back centuries ago, spanning thousands of years these pretty houses significantly change in its function and appearance.