Friday, August 30, 2013

Organizing a Dollhouse Collection

Now that we’ve learn to determine your dollhouse’s space and scale, let us move forward on the steps to build and organize your collection. Maintaining, organizing and arranging these miniatures are no easy task if you do not have the patience, creativity, and perseverance of a collector. In this entry, we would like to share easy and practical ways to map out scenes using the items that you already acquired within your collection.

If you already have the decided on your focus at the planning process of your dollhouse collection, now creating a concise arrangement plan has to follow. Let your creativity and resourcefulness shine this time. Different dollhouse displays can showcase interesting scenes to unify every piece in your collection. Below are tips to help you through the tricky process.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Determining Your Dollhouse’s Space and Scale

In starting your own dollhouse collection, there is more than deciding the items that you would like to collect. It is a must for every collector to think of how much available space they have before determining the dollhouse scale. The scale affects how large or small the dollhouse will be and how it will fit in the room where it will be showcased for display.

Dollhouse’s Space and Scale 

Dollhouses differ not only in architectural styles, but also in the range or standard scales or sizes. It is vital in dollhouse collecting that you decide on particular scales because this will also be the basis of the dollhouse furniture that you will place in the interior. Before investing in a dollhouse, you should understand the different scales available and pick the scale that best fit your collection and skills.

To those who are not fully aware what is Scale in relation to dollhouses, the Scale is the ratio used to relate smaller to larger sized objects. The first scaled dollhouse was the Queen Mary's Dollhouse designed by architect Sir Edwin Lutyens.

Monday, August 12, 2013

How to Start Your Own Dollhouse Collection?

Barbie is a little girl’s best friend, and she should have a house of her own to showcase her fashionable lifestyle. However, dollhouses today are not merely child’s plaything; they are also created to complete collections and preserved in museums to depict architecture of the past centuries.

Dollhouse collections and miniatures are becoming popular these days. People who have interest in dolls are also encouraged to start collecting miniatures of all kinds to create a dream village of their own. With numerous choices of miniature collectibles, deciding to start a dollhouse collection can be a real challenge especially that a collector has to choose over a very diverse selection of materials, prices, types, models, and make.

If you are planning to start your own dollhouse collection, narrowing your choices to miniatures that interest you the most is the best way to start. With a focus, vision, and a goal, you will find it more enjoyable to build a collection that will have a good chance of gaining public interest than being kept in antique drawers.

Friday, August 2, 2013

The Benefits Doll Houses Give to Young Children

Believe it or not, toys are still a big thing in today’s generation, contrary to what most people believe. With the rise of electronic devices like smart phones, tablets, handheld gaming consoles and other digital electronics, you might probably believe that kids nowadays prefer electronics than traditional toys which will probably be a dead business in the near future. However, toy companies are still thriving despite the competition and challenges posed by the consumer electronics market. One past time includes playing with actions figures created in the image of superheroes (for the boys) and dolls like Barbie (for the girls). However, one toy that would actually catch major attention would be a doll house, whose industry is still thriving. The toy is inherently popular to girls and is a good collector’s item. A doll house may not only entertain your child for hours, but it can also teach them a lot of life lessons and interpersonal skills.
Benefits Doll Houses