Friday, July 19, 2013

Dollhouse Collecting: A Fun and Meaningful Hobby

Dollhouse Collecting
There is a vast and varied world of collectibles. People since then would be interested in accumulating almost anything to build a collection of bottle caps, figurines, and many more, including dollhouses. The collector’s world is quite organized and categorized, just like their collections that upon seeing you can identify what kind of thing have caught their fancy with.

Dollhouses are one of those popular collectibles that is truly very interesting to venture with. Dollhouses, together with dolls and other miniature artifacts are very valuable for collectors because these items have been once owned by the rich and powerful for the previous societies. If you think that dollhouses are merely the toy house of Barbie and Ken, you can ask Google to give you a bit of clarification. These miniature houses can be dated back 5000 years ago as wooden models made by Egyptians, but the recently recorded that rose into abuzz are those “baby houses” that originated in Germany in the 16th century. Collectors acquire dollhouse of different styles and sizes according to the era of their interest. Tudor dollhouses and pieces from the Victorian era are known to be the most popular among collectors.

Can I have my dollhouse collection?

In the previous entry, we discussed that dollhouses are miniature decorations of the early aristocrats  in European societies. During the era, dollhouses are as costly as an entire home unit, a reason only people born in golden spoon can afford them. These mini-houses include not only the “house” itself, but are also filled with intricate pieces of mini-furniture to complete and entire luxurious home setup. Today, these dollhouses are not exclusively for the rich people. People from all walks of life can own a collection, and that includes YOU!

Dollhouse Collecting

Why should I collect?

We would like to keep things for different reasons, and it is the same for people who choose to collect dollhouses. Some people collect because they find it a worthwhile past-time, because every piece’s value increases over time, and simply because it is an interest they cannot let go since it provides them satisfaction and enjoyment. Many collections can turn into a business venture, and dollhouses are one of those that can make a lucrative one.

If you are thinking of collecting a dollhouse, but is a bit confused because what you can collect is only limited, you have to realize that dollhouses, as what we mentioned above, is not all about the “house.” Other collectibles are dollhouse furniture kits, dolls, and other building options that allow you to recreate an entire mini-town. If you get creative, you can conceptualize your dream village through your pieces of beautiful miniatures.

Where can I get them?

Dollhouses are entirely available in all shapes and sizes from toy stores, antique shops, and even online shops! Yes, they can be found through the internet, so if you plan on having some the online world can be the source of your first collectibles. Join collector’s online forums and social media groups and browse some websites offering these interesting pieces, you might find the kind you are looking for.


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